BBG Corporate Training

Imagine the friendly competition of an old-fashioned company picnic: now imagine that picnic on steroids. The games have been updated, the energy is explosive, everyone is included, AND each game has an unexpected twist.
While competing and playing against each other, participants are too involved in the fun to realize that they are learning valuable lessons. In our debrief, the facilitator focuses the spotlight on teamwork, productivity and communications skills. Then the light bulb moments start to occur.
Company PlayDay is the team-building event that anchors essential lessons, boosts morale and unifies teams through laughter, fun and encouragement. Participants will learn to distinguish between team spirit (commitment, enthusiasm, and mutual support ) and team effectiveness (quality, speed and problem-solving). Truly high-performing teams need both.

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The Games

Frantic Antics
All the fun of a Japanese game show, Frantic Antics is a high-action game where teams compete in physical stunts and answer trivia and general knowledge questions. We will include questions about new policies, corporate history and other colourful details relevant to your company.

Great Canadian Marble Race
Teams compete to guide a marble in a hand-held trough around an obstacle course. The first team to cross the finish line wins. If the ball leaves the trough, the entire team returns to the start line.

Olympic Skiing
A race on gigantic skis, where team work is essential. Each group will race down the straightaway, around the cone and then stop on the line to switch competitors, and race back. The first team to get all competitors across the finish line wins.

Giant Tangram
Using huge puzzle pieces, teams compete to create as many designs as possible in an allotted time. Once the design is complete and has been checked by the facilitators, the team starts working on the next design.

Beach Blanket Volleyball
Just like real volleyball, except that your hands never touch the ball. An enormous volleyball is propelled over the net by a team pulling the four corners of a blanket. As the ball comes rocketing over the net, the receiving team must move as a unit and catch it on the blanket. Lots of fun!

Standing Dunk Tank
Although this is not strictly an event, it can be used as a fundraiser, or a prize for the winning team. This ingenious device allows your people to seek their revenge by soaking key management. It is a great stress reliever, and if you would like to raise money for charity, simply charge a small fee for the privilege of taking a chance to hit the target that pops the water-filled balloon.

Shark Attack
Teams compete to move each member across shark-infested waters to the safety of a desert island. The team to get the most members across in the designated time wins. Unfortunates who fall into the water are escorted to spend time in Davey Jones’ Locker.

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Key Learnings
The focus of Company PlayDay is on trust, effective communication, and teamwork to achieve common goals. Each person leaves the event understanding how his or her effort, attitude and communications impact company-wide goals.

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Practical Details

  • Event groups of 30 to 1500
  • 2 – 3 hours in total
  • Ideal for either cross-functional or intact teams at all levels
  • Perfect for summer celebrations or company picnics

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Participants will:

  • Achieve exceptional team results
  • Demonstrate the impact of goals on teamwork and results
  • Build team unity
  • Employ a ‘we’ rather than a ‘me’ focus
  • Improve interpersonal communication skills
  • Increase trust
  • Empower self and others
  • Highlight the value of the leader
  • Have fun

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