BBG Corporate Training

Q. What is experiential learning?
A. Experiential means ‘involved with or based on experience.’ Experiential training is personally involving, practical and mentally stimulating. In contrast with passive, lecture-style training and text learning, experiential learning engenders an individual’s active engagement. Done right, it can mean far more effective learning. We at BBG know how to do it right.

In practice, experiential learning uses structured outdoor and indoor activities to provide insight and solutions for real workplace situations. Its appeal is based on the fact that the experience:

  • Involves physical and mental play
  • Is challenging and fun
  • Includes built-in  mechanisms that provide opportunities for interpersonal feedback
  • Simulates work situations, allowing mistakes made to be turned into ‘learning experiences,’ in a safe and cost-effective environment

Q. Will I enjoy the experience?
A. People learn better when they are laughing and having fun. They remember better what they have enjoyed learning. So yes! BBG sessions are geared towards fun and positive memories. People come out of our sessions more open to each other and more motivated to succeed. The result is a work environment that is even more positive than you had before.

Q. What services does BBG offer?
A. In addition to our three events (Speaker’s Lab, Company PlayDay and Bicycle Factory) BBG Corporate Training will look after all the details and planning of your event. We have been involved in hundreds of events and know the ins and outs of dealing with host sites, caterers and transportation planning.

Q. What companies have you worked with?
A. BBG has grown out of Blair’s years of experience with keynote speaking, motivational coaching and organizational coaching with a wide spectrum of clients. Past seminar events and clients include...

Home HardwareRaytheonChristie
GE Medical SystemsPolar Bear Corporate Education SolutionsEnvision Financial
Q-Media SolutionsCanadian Institute of Management
Colt EngineeringMunicipality of Chatham-KentSmall Business Centre
Sundance BalloonsPurolator

JMP EngineeringBell


Q. Will you customize your sessions for our unique needs?
Absolutely: in fact, we insist. Programs are refined to suit your organization’s needs. Our development team will work with you to customize the event to best suit your desires. BBG ensures positive outcomes in every aspect of the event.