BBG Corporate Training

This intensive, one-day workshop is designed for individuals who are called upon to make presentations to peers, clients, or the public. BBG teaches participants how to present themselves and create presentations that make them stand out from the crowd.

Participants are welcomed to a speakers laboratory, where our mad scientist facilitator and the group diagnose the challenges inherent in presenting to an audience. BBG facilitators, with the input of the participants, prescribe methods to assist in overcoming the identified challenges. By day’s end, the participants have much increased comfort and confidence, and a solid understanding of how to create and deliver effective, memorable presentations that will create momentum for your product, service or project.

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The Experience
As facilitator/speaker at this event, Blair pulls no punches. Speaking in front of an audience can seem like your worst nightmare, and Blair does not sugar coat it: at Speakers Lab’s beginning, many participants will likely wish they were somewhere else, not under scrutiny and not suffering the jitters. But by the day’s end, everyone will have made the shift into making confident, lively presentations with complete composure. Blair and BBG facilitators guide participants every step of the way, and show you how to find joy in speaking in front of others. So, come to the workshop expecting to banish the negatives and plant positive success where the negatives used to be.

Upon arrival at the workshop, participants are welcomed to a speakers laboratory where they don lab coats and prepare to dissect the elements of a successful presentation. Before you know it, Blair will confront you with the challenge: step up right now and make an impromptu speaking performance on a chosen topic. What will it be? Speaking about the state of political leadership in Canada; giving your opinion on Canadian cuisine; the thrills of parachute jumping? At any given time in his teaching, Blair will stop the activities to pull someone else from anonymity to stand and deliver a one minute presentation. Sounds too frightening for you? That’s all the more reason to take part, now, while you have the support of all participants in the room.

Throughout the day, in enlightening exercises, participants gain insights into their own psychology. Event facilitators create the safe, positive environment needed for participants to wow others and themselves with a speaking ability they never knew they had. BBG takes the self-consciousness out of the process and fires people up so that everyone is confident and enthused about the process. Just as important, no-one judges anyone else; in fact, the enthusiasm becomes palpable as participants help those speaking and everyone feels their confidence peak. You are not alone. Your peers are there, not only rooting for you but also helping mine your performance to bring to light the positives and negatives.

Nervousness, fidgeting, poor eye contact, inappropriate gestures, lack of confidence: All such details are discussed. Facilitators constantly introduce tools and good habits that will transform participants’ presentations into effective experiences that will leave a positive impression on any audience.

Throughout the day, the participants will learn the formula for creating a winning presentation in any environment. Finally, during the afternoon, participants have the opportunity to put their knowledge and enhanced confidence into practice by making a full presentation to their peers. At this point – as the feedback from every Speakers Lab tells us -  participants actually can’t wait to show off their newly-developed skills and confidence to their peers, and are personally thrilled by the positive evolution that has fired them up. People tell us that they can feel the magic in the room, as they root for each new speaker and see their co-workers succeeding.

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Key Learnings
By the end of the day-long workshop, participants will know how to take charge of and control a presentation. Their confidence level will be boosted so that positivity overcomes nervousness and gives the speaker a commanding presence. Each participant will be able, at day’s end, to motivate others to consider, accept, or change their point of view, through a persuasive presentation that will communicate success.

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Practical Details
Speaker’s Lab is designed for groups of 4 to 12 participants. The entire workshop is complete in six lively, inspiring hours.

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Participants will learn how to:

  • Transform nervous energy into positive performance and a commanding presence
  • Develop effective stories and examples to emphasize and support key points of the presentation
  • Deliver powerful techniques to keep listeners with them during the entire presentation
  • Design visual aids that create impact, and learn to avoid visual-aid pitfalls
  • Design an action-oriented presentation that both proceeds in logical steps and grabs audience attention
  • Take charge of the moment
  • Anticipate, solve and prevent problems before they occur, without tripping up on the way
  • Create a lively, spirited and highly informative presentation in any given context

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